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Choose the right wire cutting parts

Wire cutting technology began in the late 1950s and has now entered a new era of wire-cutting molds. According to the different running speed of the wire, the WEDM machine can be divided into two categories; one is high-speed reciprocating motion, the general wire speed is 8-10M/S, and the wire can be reused. This type of machine tool has a high processing speed, but rapid wire routing tends to cause the wire to shake and the pause in the reverse direction, which degrades the processing quality. The other type is a low-speed wire-cut EDM wire cutting machine whose wire is used for low-speed one-way movement. Generally, the wire speed is less than 0.2m/s, and the wire can not be used after discharge. This type of machine works smoothly and has small jitter. The processing quality is good, but the processing speed is low. Choosing the right wire cutting parts is critical to wire-cutting molds. If the wire cutting parts are not selected, the CNC wire EDM machine will be prone to breakage during the processing process. Selecting high-quality front wire cutting parts can improve the service life of the molybdenum wire and thus improve the service life of the molybdenum wire. Machining quality and work efficiency of mold parts.