• Dongguan Hongxin Precision Mould Co., Ltd. is a mold enterprise.
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Why Customer Like You Choose Hong Xin Precision Mould?

Low price of CNC lathing part, CNC milling part, CNC precision part with satisfied quality...

How HXPM guarantee The Quality?

Reviewing Drawing! Sample Proceeding and Approved! Program Checking Before Starting! We will replace the parts free if there is any quality problem.

Can HXPM Provide You Other Hardware Parts Except Precision Machining Part?

Yes! HXPM also can provide CNC milling, CNC turning, Grinding, EDM processing, Wire Cutting, PG grinding etc.

What Surface Finish Could Be Done By HXPM?

HXPM could do: powder coating, anodizing, electrical plating, painting, polishing, DLC coating, TIN or  TICN coationg etc.

Does HXPM Have Factory Audit?

HXPM is a factory which is audit by ISO.

What’s the Type of your Company?

Domestically-funded  Private enterprise Mainland Shenzhen China

How large is your company?

There are about  1500 sq.m for our workshop.

How many employees are there in your factory?

There are more than 70 employees in our factory.

What’s your core business?

Our production lines are including precision CNC machining, CNC Turning, Auto-Lathe Turning, CNC Lathing, Milling, Drilling(gun drilling), Grinding(internal and cylindrical ), Polishing, Engraving, Texturing; Precision Inspection Fixtures& Jigs. Metal Plating (electroplating)

What kind of steel or material do you use for parts or components?

A2: Titanium Alloy, Ti6Al4V, TC4;
Steel: Such as P20, 718, 8407, NAK80, H13, S136, DIN 1.2738, DIN 1.2344, SUM24EZC、SUM24EZX、SUM24L、C12L14、C12L15、SUM23, Fe00, Q235, 40Cr, 20CrNiMo, 35CrMn, 65Mn, of GCr15, SDK11
Stainless Steel:SUS303、SUS304、SUS316、SUS416F , 304, 304 L, 316, 410, 416, 420 F, 430F, 440C, 630 and 17 – 4PH.b
Copper:C3602、C3604, H59Pb – 1, H62, C34000, C36000 and tin bronze.e
Aluminum Alloy: 6061、2011,: 2024, 5052, 6061, 6063, 6082, and 7075.c.
Engineering plastics: ABS, PBT, POM, PTFE-, PPS, PEI, PEEK, PA66, PP, PETP, DELR…

Can you provide the steel certificate and heat-treatment certificate?

Yes, We can provide steel certificate or heat treatment certificate for every export tooling.

Can you make the texture / text / heat-treatment /nitriding for the componts&parts?

Yes, we have long-term cooperated subsidiary suppliers that do those processes.

How long is the lead-time for a normal tooling project?

It all depends on the part size and complexity. Normally, the lead time is 7—15days.

Can you deliver the finished parts to our factory?

Yes, we have a special agent in Hong Kong, they will handle all shipping (Air, Sea, and Express) for us, it is much cheaper than shipping direct from Shenzhen. We also accept FOB Shenzhen if needed.